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Winter Camping Top 10 List

Winter Camping Top 10 List

The Top Ten reasons to try winter camping:

10. Winter camping provides an excellent opportunity to hear 4 part snoring harmonies.

9. Winter camping provides a great excuse to buy the latest and greatest gear.

8. There is nothing like the aroma of lived in polypropylene.

7. It’s the only sure cure for cabin fever.

6. There is a comfortable satisfaction in knowing that you are the only one with 2
sleeping bags on a -15 degree night.

5. Wool is…”In.”

4. Down booties are more than just fashion statements.

3. It provides a good opportunity to catch up on one’s sleep by logging a solid 12 hours
of sleep during the 14 hours of darkness.

2. Two words….”Buttery Fleece.”

1. No bugs!

A motivated Scout.

After a swimming safety presentation, the Scouts were anxious to get into the activity/games session of the Scout meeting. Many of them screaming for opportunity to compete and lead their patrols to victory. In all the loudness one Scout came to an adult leader and asked if he could spend his activity time this week working on Tenderfoot advancement. The best part about it was that his Scout book was plastered with post it notes that he used to study. I thought to myself about how many youths and adults go through their days satisfied with the way things are so I asked the boy, “Why are you so motivated to advance to the next rank?” He responded with, “I am excited about becoming Eagle scout!” It’s a rare instance in the urban inner city when you have a boy so excited about Scouting and I only hope that his enthusiasm inspires other boys in his group.

I’ll try to get a picture of his book and follow-up on this post.

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