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The Boy Scout movement came to Good Shepherd in 1947 when Troop 728 opened its doors. The Troop flourished with a membership of over 150 boys under three dedicated Scoutmasters: George Karsh (1947-1954), Frank Bond (1955-1970) and John Sweeney (1970-1973).

Bill Coughlin and William Hunter (the troop’s first Eagle Scout) each served as Scoutmaster for a year until 1975. The next Scoutmaster, Charles Lopez served for twelve years. With the help of many assistants such as Bill Milam, Mark Macagnone, and Jason Tormo, the Troop was rebuilt into a unit that is still respected throughout the parish and the community.

In 1987, another of the troop’s Eagle Scouts, Erik Martir, became Scoutmaster and carried on the tradition of service to the community and the youth of Inwood. In 1989, John Ward, a member of the Troop since 1976 and another Eagle Scout, became Scoutmaster. In 1994, Eagle Scout Bosco Chao stepped into the position of Scoutmaster. From 1998 to 2003, Efrain Alvarado served as Scoutmaster. And from 2003 to 2019, Terence Dolan, guided the boys of troop 728 as Scoutmaster.

As of 2021, Troop 728 has both a boys’ and a girls’ troop. Troop 728-B, the boys’ troop, is ably led by Scoutmaster David Russell, a professional photographer and neighborhood father. David has a long association with Camp Mattatuck in Connecticut, where he does volunteer work, and is a lifelong Scouter. Troop 728-G, the girls’ troop, is led by it’s first Scoutmaster, Eugenia “Jeannie” Karlson. Jeannie is the proud mother of two grown Troop 728 Scouts, as well as Bailey, a wonderful Labrador Retriever and the troop’s unofficial mascot.

Troop 728 has so far produced 28 Eagle Scouts, the most prestigious award that any young man or woman can earn.

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